Audi 634bhp RS4 APR Supercharged

November 8, 2017


This awesome 643bhp APR supercharged RS4 received our correction detail to remove up to 90% paint defects, ranging from marring to deep scratches and swirl marks.


We started the process with our safe wash, including body & wheel decontamination (fallout, tar & Clay). All door shuts, boot shuts and window seals were also deep cleaned with APC and a 1” soft brush.

The vehicle was then bought inside to be air dried, ensuring no additional marring was inflicted in the drying stage, also removing any trapped water from plastic trims, wheels & seals.


The multiple stage paint correction then commenced, starting with a microfibre pad & a heavy cut compound, this removing the majority of the deep defects and swirls. This stage was then refined using a polishing pad and medium polish to remove hazing inflicted by the heavy cut compound. The finishing stage saw amazing results, using a soft finishing pad and super final finish to boost gloss and give a crystal clear finish.


To protect this finish, we used Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light and C2, which once cured, left a deep gloss, enhancing the colour of the vehicle, with protection lasting for up to 5 years.


All Glass, trim and tyres were also coated with Gtechniq products including G5 & T1.


The vehicle also had the add-on Gtechniq Interior package, which includes the interior being deep cleaned and all leather, fabric & plastics being coated with Gtechniq products to guard against colour transfer and abrasions.