Ford EcoSport - New Car Detail

July 11, 2018

When purchasing a brand new vehicle, you would expect the paintwork to be immaculately presented.


Unfortunately this is very rarely the case. The truth is that cars regardless of price, make & model, are often transported in conditions not always favourable for long distances and are commonly stored in large holding areas for months at a time, all this prior to arriving at a dealership.


This coupled with the fact that dealership valeting departments are consistently targeted and put under pressure to clean vehicles very quickly, you end up with a far less than satisfactory finish.

As specialists in paint correction, and with our knowledge of protective coatings, we can give your investment the best start, with protection lasting up to 5 years.

Our Method:

- Thorough safe wash process including decontamination of wheels & body.

- 2 towel dry method & Blown dry to release trapped water.

- Paint depth readings taken to ensure we can achieve the desired finish safely.

- Vulnerable areas taped up & any badges removed upon request.

- Paint inspected for any sanding marks, fish eyes, deeper defects, so any wet sanding/heavy cutting can take place prior to refining the vehicle. 

- Single stage machine polish to remove light scratches, holograms & swirls.

- Vehicle then wiped clean using IPA to free the paintwork from oily residues.

- Ceramic coating applied to paintwork.

- All trim, chrome & tyres dressed & sealed.

- Exterior glass polished & Sealed.

- Wheel faces coated with ceramic, however other Bolt on wheels packages available.

- Visible exhaust tips hand polished & Sealed.

- Carpets & Fabric protected against water and oil based stains

- Leather protected against colour transfer & discolouration, whilst leaving a matte finish.

- All plastics coated with Matte Dash to retain factory finish whilst being abrasive resistant & anti static.



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